The Michael Show is coming to an end.  Well, truth is, it’s already ended.

I started The Michael Show in September of 2009 because I love talk radio.  In high school, while my friends were listening to the popular music of the time, I was listening to Rush Limbaugh and Adam Carolla and Dr. Drew on Loveline with my walkman.  Heck, I even loved watching Montel Williams on tv.  I wanted to give doing a podcast a try because I was curious and it seemed like a fun idea.  Hey, it was 2009.  Everyone had a podcast then.  It was the cool thing to do.  I’m actually proud of myself because this podcast lasted for 5+ years.  Nice to know I outlived so many of those podcasts from the podcast boom of 09′.

My original plan was to record 6 episodes of The Michael Show, no matter how horrible they sounded (and yes, they were horrific).  When I sat down to record the first episode, I remember being so nervous that I literally restarted the show 15 times because I kept messing up.  It was more gitters than anything but by episode 3 I realize how to have fun with it:  stop over thinking, relax and just do it.

Clearly, I never stopped after episode 6.  If I’m not mistaken, the last episode I recorded was #243.  What made me continue? Someone on My Space somehow got a hold of my podcast and listened to it.  Whatever it was that she enjoyed, it motivated her to inbox me just to tell me she liked my podcast.  I thought it was interesting that this specific person was sending ME a message on My Space.  This person was someone I never met, talked with or would ever had gotten a chance to talk to had I not done a podcast.  The prospect of The Michael Show opening of doors to meet and interact with people I normally wouldn’t of fascinated me, thus getting me from episode 6 to episode 243.  Who was this mysterious My Space inbox message from?  Of all people, Danny Bonaduche’s daughter.  She’s ubber hot, if I might add.

And The Michael Show did just that:  it allowed me to keep meeting and interacting with people I normally would never had met otherwise.  I had the opportunity to record a podcast with the girl who filmed a sex tape with Mini Me.  I was able to meet true radio talent like Brian Whitman, Dusty Angel and Langdon Bosarage.  I was able to have one-on-one interactions with so many Power Ranger stars.  I LOVE Power Rangers.  Meeting Karan Ashley (MMPR Yellow Ranger) and being able to talk with her one-on-one for over an hour was a dream come true.  In addition to all that, my Facebook page was liked by Frank Kramer and Ethan Van Sciver (DC Comic’s artist).  So many memories have been made over the years and the few I just listed are only the tip of the ice burg.  Did I ever tell you I also had a few podcast groupie experiences?  Oh, yea, I did…over and over again.  Or that time I was recognized at the Power Morphicon as “that podcast guy.”  Maybe another time I’ll share these stories.

Either way, its all come to end now.  The Michael Show is closing up shop.  I’m hanging up the mic and moving forward.  Recording a podcast was LOTS of fun and an experience I’ll never forget.  But between work and personal life, I hardly have enough time to sit on the toilet, let alone managing a podcast.  Mix all that with, as a podcast host, I really wasn’t all that great.  I know I have lots of opportunities, I recognize and admit that BUT I never did TMS to make it a career or land a radio job.  It was just for fun.  Nothing more, nothing less.

Maybe one day The Michael Show will return with a total revamped feel, more focused, with more a host or two in addition to me.  Idk.  Probably not.  Odds are never not, but it’s a door I never want to close for forever.  My time is limited and I have to focus my time on priorities in life:  making money, taking kids to ballet school and working.  Oh, well.  It is what it is.

So until next, this is Michael, for The Michael Show Podcast, signing off….for the last time.


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